Friday, August 16th. Half-day Seminar: 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. $197

Get more done with less stress. Your Administrative Professional needs to be celebrated for all they do to hold your office together. This seminar will help them to succeed in their work to keep your business running smoothly, strengthen internal and client relationships, and to build your business.

During the seminar, the following time-tested skills will be revealed:

  • How to organise your mind to organise you life and work
  • A Professional Appearance: How to make a first-class business impression. Discover both obvious and subtle signals employees give before saying a single word. 
  • Business Image on the Telephone: How to convey a positive image over the telephone.
  • Effective and Professional E-mails: Just because it’s quick doesn’t mean it should be neglected. Here’s how to maintain professionalism and make a great E-mail impression with clients.
  • Handling Difficult People With Diplomacy: Courteous ways to handle visitors as well as colleagues who are angry and impatient.
  • Steps to Reduce Stress at The Front Desk: Reduce anxiety, irritation, and frustration in the workplace.