Tuesday December 11th, 2018, Full day seminar. 9am to 4pm. $397

Includes light lunch

This powerful one-day seminar will provide you with the essential communication skills you need to handle people with more confidence and authority.

  • Gain cooperation without being heavy-handed
  • Handle problem colleagues with ease and less stress
  • Project a self-assured image
  • Express your opinion and get your point across diplomatically and professionally
  • Handle difficult conversations, build rapport and make a positive impression
  • How to use empathetic listening skills to your advantage
  • Ensure you get recognized for your ideas and achievements
  • Gain respect of higher-ups with effective management and leadership skills
  • Understand how passive, assertive and aggressive behavior works in your life

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn enhanced, results-oriented communication skills that really work and propel your career and your life forward.