Friday, January 25th 2019, Full day seminar. $397

Includes light lunch and complimentary book

In this full day of training, you will gather insight, tools and strategies to train the entire team to communicate, and propel it into a superstar team. Create the motivated team you have dreamed about. You will learn the personal leadership traits and skills that spark energy and enthusiasm on the part of your team members.

  • Participate in experiential team building exercises that can be replicated by you and your team at your office
  • Create the climate in your office for motivating team members
  • Learn what motivates and inspires your team to produce effective results
  • Understand where your team members are coming from
  • Gain a commitment to policy and procedural changes that are critical to the success of your organization
  • Be the expert to inspire your team to move forward during unsettling changes
  • Deal with performance problems and get team members back on track
  • Be aware of subtle yet vital communication cues
  • Learn how to manage virtual team
  • Conducting effective team meetings that teams want to attend