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How to Handle Emotions, Conflict and Confrontation

Practical, proven methods for managing difficult workplace situations

Ever been in a situation at work where you “lost it” — got angry, started to cry or said something you regretted? This phenomenal workshop will arm you with […]

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Supervisor Boot Camp

This workshop is where leaders, and aspiring leaders, come for fresh ideas and proven strategies for succeeding in their difficult role. The workshop covers motivating and inspiring your team, organising your department to boost productivity, dealing […]

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How to Deal With Egos, Ignorance and Difficult People

Venue: Bermuda College

If you’re fed up and can’t take it any more – the tension and stress that comes from dealing with demanding or difficult people – don’t miss this event!

This workshop is an all-inclusive vacation from stress […]

Winning Writing

Take the strain out of composing any kind of document

Gain the confidence to write effortlessly using correct grammar, style and usage with ease. Find out how easy it is to organise your thoughts and present your messages to […]

Amazing Administrative Professional

For front desk personnel, salon/spa coordinators, call center professionals, restaurant and retail greeters and anyone in a profession that is responsible for moving work forward daily.

Make sure every customer that walks through your door, calls your switchboard or sends an e-mail […]

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Power Speaking and Presentation Skills

Includes a light lunch

From the sales presentation to the boardroom to the platform, or simply to speak more effectively at meetings, this workshop is for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to grab the attention […]

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Communicating with Tact, Finesse and Diplomacy

Location: Bermuda College

Gifted leaders in any organization are the ones who possess the best communication skills. These are the ones who relate easily with other members of the team. They climb the corporate ladder easier because they present their […]

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