January 19th, 2018, Full day, 9am to 5pm. $397

Giving performance evaluations and appraisals can be stressful if you’re not properly prepared. Or it could be satisfying and lead to improved productivity and workplace harmony if handled right. If you manage people at any level, your staff need your feedback, either informally or in a formal assessment review. This workshop will provide all the tools you need to help you conduct anxiety-free and effective evaluations.

  • How to diffuse tensions and emotion around the meeting
  • When you should use forms and other documentation
  • How to conduct formal reviews and when to give informal feedback in frequent meetings
  • How to set clear goals and expectations ahead of time
  • How to solicit feedback from colleagues who work closely with the employee
  • How to set the right tone and spirit for the meeting
  • Where some managers go wrong with evaluations and how to avoid those pitfalls
  • How to coach constructively for improved future performance
  • How to communicate with ease and clarity for the best response from your team

You’ll come away from this workshop with these and dozens of other tips to ensure a winning outcome