Friday, November 15th. Full-Day seminar. 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. $447

Includes light lunch

From the sales presentation to the boardroom to the platform or simply to speak more effectively at meetings, this workshop is for executives, professionals and entrepreneurs who want to learn how to grab the attention of your audience, “sell” your ideas and motivate them to take action.

If you get pre-presentation butterflies, get tongue-tied, have difficulty getting the right words out or find yourself using filler words like “ah”, “um” or even “um um”, this workshop is just what you need to boost your confidence, credibility and effectiveness as a successful business person.

This workshop will give you 21 proven ways to calm your nerves, keep your focus and speak like a pro in every business situation.

  • How to sound conversational, even when you’re giving a canned presentation.
  • Easy speech organisation tips no matter what the occasion
  • How to remove the “Ahs”, “Ums” and even the “Um Um’s” that could be distracting to your audience
  • Choosing words to paint a picture that will stick in everyone’s mind
  • A pre-presentation habit you can’t do without
  • How to turn nervousness into energy
  • The Rules of Impromptu Speaking:  How to speak “off the cuff”
  • The dos and don’ts of using humour, and why it’s like walking on eggshells
  • How to use your voice to establish sincerity, credibility, and confidence
  • When it comes to speaking from notes, why less is more
  • Speaking so your words don’t disappear into thin air
  • Four factors that could sabotage your message and how to use them to your advantage
  • How to give an enthusiastic presentation while appearing to be relaxed and comfortable
  • How to connect with your audience
  • Successful posture and gesture techniques that will hold your audience’s attention without distracting from your message
  • How to best manage the question-and-answer period like a pro
  • What every audience is expecting from you and how you can deliver
  • How to detect if your audience is bored and what to do to draw them back into the presentation
  • Determine your personal presentation style
  • How long to hold eye contact with an individual during your presentation (without making them uncomfortable)
  • How to weave stories into your presentation and why you should use them

Personal Video Analysis of Your Speaking Style:

This 1-Day workshop will include a session where you will be video-recorded.  You will then receive a personal analysis of your speaking style and tips to improve.

To ensure personal attention to each participant, places will be limited so sign up now.