May 16th 2018, Half day, 9am to 1pm. $197

Sexual harassment and bullying claims at work are increasing and now more than ever companies and individuals need to be more aware of changing values.

This half-day workshop will help individuals and companies handle this inappropriate workplace behavior.
It will provide tips, techniques and strategies around the following;

  • How to create a fair and positive workplace that will help prevent unacceptable behavior.
  • Explain what is and is not sexual harassment and how to know it when you see it.
  • Reveal the effects of bullying on employees, employer and workplace culture.
  • Spell out what you can do if it happens to you, how to respond, what should you say and not say; as well as, importantly, how you say it
  • Techniques to remain calm and composed to help you think rationally.
  • The issues that arise if you witness sexual harassment and how you should respond.
  • Why humor, sexual jokes and innuendo can be inappropriate and threatening
  • A look at ‘real life’ examples and stories of sexual harassment and bullying in the workplace.
  • What constitutes online sexual harassment and bullying and how to deal with it.