Wednesday December 12th, 2018, Half Day, 9am to 1pm. $197

Bermuda’s workforce is undergoing a demographic shift. With Baby boomers retiring, Millennials are now becoming the largest single segment of the island’s working population. Millennials are sometimes thought of as being particularly unique and often challenging. What they value, respect and want, differs from the generations that came before.

This special half-day, will explore:

  • The differences between the millennial generation and other employees
  • How Millennials differ in their communication style
  • How Millennials differ in decision making
  • The key influencers in a Millennials life
  • How to build a better rapport with Millennials
  • How to use Millennials strengths and inspire them

Participants in this programme will gain a firmer understanding of the Millennial generation and learn specific actions they can take to work more efficiently with them.